Updated 08/18/04
Barnett Farms Plant Information Page
Common Name: Jacaranda (Blue )
Family: Bignoniaceae
Scientific Name: Jacaranda mimosifolia
Height at Maturity: 25 to 50 Ft.
Spread: 20to 50 Ft.
Cold Tolerance: USDA Zones 9 thru 11 (Adult trees survive temperature down to 20F, young trees may be damaged at 25F)
Sun: Full Sun
Water: Moderate water requierment, heat & drought tolerant.
Soil: Tolerant of most, prefers well drained soil.
Foliage: Semi-evergreen with twice-pinnately compound leaves. The foliage has a soft fern like look to it.
Blooming Habit: Generally bloom in late spring and have deep blue clusters of tubular flowers.
Fruiting Habit: Round green pod turn dark brown and open partially prior to shedding.
Trunk: Reddish Brown bark - slightly furrowed
Indoor Suitability: NA